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What can you do to get organic back links?


1. Offer good content:

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 With a good content you have part of the work already done. If your content is good, you will soon have more and more users following you, comment your posts, and the word to mouth will do the rest. Little by little you will be linking from other blogs as a reference for your quality content.


2. Create Relationships:

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Talk with other bloggers about your subject, establish relationships with them, and comment in their blogs. Besides giving us popularity among other bloggers and their followers, will help us create direct relationship with each and every single one of them.


3. Be yourself in social media and offer interesting content:


content marketinf and link building collapse in one circle

 Comment in similar blogs, and get to know them well. If your comment is worth it, as soon as you start establishing a friendship with them, they will also comment on your website/blog, and over the most important thing, the will share your content among their followers. That, of course, if you do it using “Common Sense” (Here we go again!), blowing your own whistle doesn’t work, comment to add value, not just to post your links.


4. Anytime you feel inspired while writing, mention it!

Feel inspired and create enthusiasm

  There’s no inspiration gurus nor divine muses, the good ideas are always found with previous work. This is something fully beneficial for both you and your readers, and there’s nothing better than being grateful.


it is not happy people who is thankful, it is thankful the people who are happy


And remember that the most important thing, overall, is to do it with love, and common sense, we’re said it a few times already, but… It is our job to do so!


Thanks for reading!



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You started your business 3 years ago or even less, everything seems to be figured out by now: your business is running well, all bills are being paid on time, the workers are happy, you have stock, costumers coming into the store front, but you still have costumers asking you what’s your website address, or what’s your twitter, or your Facebook and the only answer that comes to your head is : We’re working on it.

 So at this point, even though everything is running fine and dandy’, you still need that online presence everyone is talking about. 

 It all starts with a website, is pretty much like an online presentation card, or a brochure of your products and services, who you are and how to be contacted, your locations and pictures and text of all you do. Sounds easy, right? Well you can’t do it yourself, you’d need a Web Developer to create the website for you, since they know how to build and program everything that your business will need in order to create a great website, including graphics, applications, etc…

At this point in history we have 3 kinds of websites: 

Web 1.0:
It is the “readable” phrase of the World Wide Web with flat data. In Web 1.0, there is only limited interaction between sites and web users. Web 1.0 is simply an information portal where users passively receive information without being given the opportunity to post reviews, comments, and feedback.

Web 2.0:
It is the “writable” phrase of the World Wide Web with interactive data. Unlike Web 1.0, Web 2.0 facilitates interaction between web users and sites, so it allows users to interact more freely with each other. Web 2.0 encourages participation, collaboration, and information sharing. Examples of Web 2.0 applications are Youtube, Wiki, Flickr, Facebook, and so on.

Web 3.0:
It is the “executable” phrase of Word Wide Web with dynamic applications, interactive services, and “machine-to-machine” interaction. Web 3.0 is a semantic web which refers to the future. In Web 3.0, computers can interpret information like humans and intelligently generate and distribute useful content tailored to the needs of users. One example of Web 3.0 is Tivo, a digital video recorder. Its recording program can search the web and read what it finds to you based on your preferences.

 So there’s basically no choice in this one, I’d definitely bet on the latest technology in order to be up to date with the market out there. 

 You must decide on to what information you will publish on your web, colors, ideas, applications in case you request information from your visitors, if you need an online shop so your costumers can also shop online (yep, making money even when you’re sleeping.). You must have your logo in an editable PNG file (which can easily be done by any Graphic Designer) in order for the Web Developer to work faster.



Home: It’s your first impression to the world. You have to give a great one first impression to make them stay :).You can include your welcome here and also brief reviews to get the user interested into your services and navigating on your website.



About us: Do i need to say more? It’s your history as a business, your team or staff members, your values, mission and vision. Make them believe in you by expressing your skills, your experience and anything else that is relevant to include.



Services/Products: Here you can post all your current services or products, you can make it as a description paragraph or, in case of products, as a gallery with a short description of your products.

You can include a client list here to whom you have provided services or products too.



Blog: Every great company is known for approaching their clients to know more on to what is it that they want and what suggestions they may have to provide a better service. Also to educate them on to your procedures, services or even important facts about your industry.You need to be in touch with your people and a place to tell more about a day in your shoes! 


Contact: They need to reach you after this wonderful trip around your website, don’t they? Include a contact form, maps, phones, emails, faxes and all you need to have your clients a click or a call away.

 It is always helpful to create a data base of pictures of locations, team or staff members, products, text of the examples i provided above, in order to be ready to start and do it faster.

 So now that you know what you need to start a website contact us or call us today so we can provide you with more details regarding packages and prices so we can find the right one for your business and pocket!

 Thanks for reading and let us feel the love, leave us a comment!



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Having a new business may be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You have so much to do in so little time, that you may think in spending some money on advertising or marketing techniques that may work for you rather than those in which you’ll be just throwing money away.

You may as well think that a website is not needed, if you use basic social media : Facebook, Twitter, or that using local listings ,such as Yellow Pages, or local newspapers will be enough but what many business owners still don’t know is that the most potential costumers look for businesses online before they even hit the streets in the hunt for any services they may be looking for.
With the current economy it is essential to be found online, and just having a website or social media is not enough you also need to market your website in a way that lets costumers find your business first.
According to a study by the Kelsey Group, 97% of consumers use the Internet to search for products and services within their local area.  Which tools do they typically use?  90 percent use general search engines; 42 percent use comparison shopping web sites; 48 percent use online yellow pages services; and 24 percent use vertical search engines.
With all this in mind, businesses need a strategic approach so they can be found online on different paths, including directories, niche blogs and social networking sites. A diverse online presence can make a big difference to your marketing strategies to be successful.
SEO for small businesses is a very powerful tool that will provide you with a better reputation as much as online as offline. People will be talking about you and your business and guess what, this can only be positive if you work it properly.
Pay-per-Click or PPC advertising, also known as paid search, helps you target your advertising messages to local audience as they search for products and services like yours. PPC can be very helpful if you are seeking to drive immediate and targeted traffic for your web as long as you’re willing to pay for each click.
SEO may take a little longer to get your site listed on page one of the Google results, but you will continue to get high rankings long after your SEO efforts are done. 
Here’s one of our client’s listings, as you can see No. 1 google page in 4th place !
And this is why we offer full packages for our costumers, making sure that all areas are covered. While dedicating time and money on your site is important, also is building your online reputation with a working team that understands your taylor-made needs.
So if you guys have any questions or are looking to get a quote, let us know!


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We as an SEO company have multiple new tasks and new learning to do, this happened to me when I was assigned to do Pawn Shop blogging… I was LOST!

I didn’t knew much, as the rest of the world, about pawn shop but what it is said and told to us since we are little, it is a place to sell things when you need fast cash, a place where people sell stolen stuff and so many other stories we could spend a few posts on it.
So how do we approach such a stigmatized niche? Simple answer is , investigating all there is to know about them, so first thing i went on and did was to try to use posts that would better the reputation of the industry, like educational posts regarding pawn shop procedures, requirementes, etc…
Here i leave you a few more ideas for those pawn shop bloggers out there whom may be just starting fresh:


Use the first thing you have in hand! Your products 🙂


Nice discounts will always drive new costumers to you.


 People don’t know much about their meaning, origin, etc… Illustrate your clients


Everyone loves antique items, at least one. They will always bring a memory or two back.


It is never too late to show people they’ve been here since forever and also are part of the economy of the nation.


A well educated client is a best consumer!


Your people want to know what’s new, you never know when you may get someone’s interest with something new.


Companies whom are open to questions and suggestions gets more clients and build better relationships


Keep your people informed on what’s new!


Talk about your employees, regular costumers, pictures of the inside and outside of the shop, etc…
Hope i have helpend once more with this post, since sometimes is hard to get inspired to write, even if you’re an awesome writer.
Keep you posted! Ask Questions! Post Comments! and don’t forget to quote with us!



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n this Online world things may work out or not for your company depending of the kind of SEO you choose to get done for your website and or Social Networks.It is important that by the time you’re ready to take this steps (since sometimes it may be a costly but worth asset for your business.), that you know at least some of what kind of service you may be looking for and what results should you get.

So the question many people: Why so many hats? White, Gray Black? Does it really matter?
Does it makes a difference? Read more have a better idea before you choose to get SEO done for yourself.



This is the ethical SEO, the most logical and first one anyone starting would follow, is all about best practices. Meaning following all google’s, Bing’s, Yext‘s standards to be properly ranked, using the right keywords and lots of organic on your SMM.

I’m not going to deny that White Hat SEO, asides from being the Search Engine Elite’s friend, it takes longer than any other technique, but trust me, it is worth it.

Here’s some White Hat SEO practices:


  • Researching relevant keywords, both short ail and long tail keywords
  • Including keywords naturally in page titles, headings, link anchor text, other page content, and alt tags
  • Studying analytics reports and fine-tuning the content to further optimize it for targeted keywords and to help direct traffic to relevant pages
  • Adding fresh content regularly


  • Using correct HTML markup (for example, heading tags) so that search engines can identify headings and other types of content correctly
  • Making sure that all the code is valid (or at least won’t stop search engine bots)
  • Creating site maps so that every page is linked to and search engine bots can crawl every page
  • Using CSS to separate content from markup and thus increase keyword density by having less markup to crawl


  • Creating quality content that other people will want to link to
  • Asking to have directories and other relevant websites link to the site
  • Optimizing pages for social media in the hopes of attracting social media links
  • Arranging for link exchanges with relevant sites (considered by some to be gray hat SEO)



So time to talk about the “Bad Guys”, not really but yes! Black Hat SEO is a lot more risky than any other, since various techniques are used to trick search engine robots, and to increase traffic in malicious or viral ways. Also Black Hat SEO over stuff with keywords, a fatal decision, since your rank can drop and last months to get back to the tops.

Trying or going too over the top doing Black Hat SEO may result in blocking, banning and worst is that any SEO work you do lasts for years coming back at you to bite your “Behind” every time.

I do not recommend these techniques since I believe all is good ol’ hard work, but some people choose to do so.

Following are some Black Hat SEO practices:


  • Keyword stuffing
    • Overusing keywords in comment tags, alt tags, and meta tags
    • Placing keywords in hidden text (hidden from people, that is) by making their font color the same color as the page background
    • Overusing keywords in visible text, to the point where their repetition is apparent to readers


  • Doorway or gateway pages: pages that are stuffed with keywords but that only search engines see because people are redirected to the page with the real content
  • Cloaking: displaying different content to search engines than to people by identifying visitors via IP or via other methods


  • Link farms: pages with unrelated links solely for the purpose of creating more links to target pages
  • Spamming forums, blogs, and other social media sites with links (search engines might not penalize sites for this, but it’s considered unethical)



So this would be our middle man, the Mr. Cool guy, that takes more risks than a White Hat , but won’t get your site banned from search engines as a Black Hat could. They may be questionable in SEO techniques but not in the same intensity as Black Hat. But since this Industry everything changes so fast, what may be Gray today, may be Black hat tomorrow.

Here’s some Gray Hat SEO techniques:


  • Having a keyword density that’s high enough to sound unnatural but not at the level of black hat keyword stuffing
  • Publishing duplicate content at different sites


  • Link building where relevance is less important
  • Planned three-way linking
  • Using paid links
Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it may be. No SEO is done over the night, once i again it is based on Hard Team work that takes time. I hope this post could add some more into your bucket knowledge.
Let us feel the love and Leave us a comment or visit our Website.


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