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While going over some marketing surveys lately, I actually realized the true importance given to social networks nowadays, so i decided to put this little post together for you guys, please enjoy.
Observing Anderson Analytics, we’ve discovered that after surveying  members of Facebook, that at this moment use social networks consider this a very effective and efficient way to obtain opinions of the decision makers nowadays.

Just like these reports show, 66% of the individuals surveyed have admitted that they have a lot to do in the decision making of their companies or businesses. These members are also more active inLinkedIn, and are the best source of qualified opinions, becoming great influence in different groups.The thing is most people rather use a product that has been recommended by either someone they know or a public/famous figure.

Everything is changing. These social networks represent a great opportunity for market researchers, making communication possible among that audience that is hard to reach with printed media. So companies understand and respond to costumer’s needs, their behavior and preferences in a more direct way.

No we as ourselves this question… Are social networks the future for market researchers? I guess so.

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Because colors do affect people’s feelings and even the decisions they make may be affected by the colors you use to sell your products or brand. Check out this cool info graphic brought to you by WebpageFX

Psychology of Color Infographic
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E-commerce also known as Electronic Commerce, is a term for any tipe of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information and/or funds across the Internet. It covers a range of different type of businesses, from consumer based retail sites, as well as auction or music sites, to business exchanges trading goods and services between corporations. It is currently one of the most important aspects for the Internet to emerge.

E- commerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of

time or distance. It has also expanded rapidly over the past 5 years and it’s predicted to continue at this rate, or even accelerate.

There’s different types of E- commerce, such as:

• B2B (Business to Business):

These transactions are those where both the transacting parties are businesses. e.g., Manufacturers, Traders, Retailers, etc…

• B2C (Business to Consumer): 

These are when a business sells electronically to end-consumers.

• C2C (Consumer to Consumer):

Some of the earliest transactions in the global economic system involved barter — a type of C2C transaction. But C2C transactions were virtually non-existent in recent times until the advent of ecommerce. Auction sites are a good example of C2C ecommerce.

Do We Really Need to Talk About the Benefits?

Once you’ve chosen the kind of E-commerce you need, start selling your products and Services abroad, and make more money, even while you sleep!

Open up that awesome international market, do it with the best:

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Now we’re moving forward into step 3, Pay-per-Click, now you can upgrade what you’ve been doing with SEO, now you can choose the age, sex, city, state, likes, and anything else you can think of for your desired audience, with PPC. How? I’ll show you!

PPC or Pay-per-Click, is another form of online marketing which involves online advertising based on specific information as you pay per every click that successfully access your website, providing a more accurate conversion rate from people who are some how interested in your product or services, to people who were actually looking for your business niche, and will at some point turn into costumers.

In other words, the benefits of PPC are :

• Geographically choose where you want your advertisement to be shown.

• You decide the budget that you want to invest on your advertising campaign.

• PPC is always convenient, since you only pay whenever someone actually clicks on the ad.

• The potential delivered by PPC it is very short-term, you can start seeing results fast.

• PPC campaigns help position your brand, because even if prospects do not click your add, they see it and with that you achieve presence on search engines.

• PPC campaigns are very flexible, easy to measure and allow quick fixes.

When a potential costumer sees your PPC Ad, this has to motivate him to click on it and drive him to your website. Driving possible costumers to your website is just one part of the process, the following is once on your site make the conversion from prospect to costumer, and that’s our part.

So contact us for a quote, leave us a comment, or ask any questions !

Hope you liked this post!


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Now after, months or weeks of hard work along with your web developer, making sure you have all you need to be on top of your competition’s design and function wise, NOW you finally have a website, you’ve worked the page along with your web designer, everything looks in it’s right place. So what do you do now? You need to start bringing people in so they can see your website, this can only be done by SEO experts, like us !

SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization, which really means applying the proper techniques so search engines can find you whenever someone is looking for a product or services of you niche in your area, town, city, state or even country.


Yeah but, how is SEO Done?

There’s two kinds of SEO* , and these are the following:


On site SEO:



Focuses exclusively on the website, by:


• Creating right clean content

 • Reviewing of all images and text

 • URL formats

• Meta descriptions and tags

 • Loading time optimization, etc… 




Off site SEO:


Is in charge of all external relationships of the website, and there are multiple factors that can  influence a web site’s positioning, such as back links that directing to your page, or competitors, Off-site SEO is based on evaluation and optimization of these factors.

One of the most important factors of the Off-site SEO is link building, generating links that would point to your web in external websites, which will make Google give your page more relevance.

Other aspects can include competition’s monitoring, or even filing complaints to search engines when they are developing unethical behaviors.

With many search engines , we have to be very careful when we do Off-site SEO, because now one negative backlink on your profile can be negative for your website too.



*(Not to be Mistaken with SEO Practices: Black, White and Gray hats is something else. Please click here.)


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I was going through our comments on WordPress, and i saw this one :



So on the following posts I will start giving you brief but great introduction on to what services we provide, such as :


• Web Design and Development




• Pay-per-Click


• Social Media Management


• E-Commerce


Anything i miss in between or if you have any further questions please let me know!


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Having a new business may be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You have so much to do in so little time, that you may think in spending some money on advertising or marketing techniques that may work for you rather than those in which you’ll be just throwing money away.

You may as well think that a website is not needed, if you use basic social media : Facebook, Twitter, or that using local listings ,such as Yellow Pages, or local newspapers will be enough but what many business owners still don’t know is that the most potential costumers look for businesses online before they even hit the streets in the hunt for any services they may be looking for.
With the current economy it is essential to be found online, and just having a website or social media is not enough you also need to market your website in a way that lets costumers find your business first.
According to a study by the Kelsey Group, 97% of consumers use the Internet to search for products and services within their local area.  Which tools do they typically use?  90 percent use general search engines; 42 percent use comparison shopping web sites; 48 percent use online yellow pages services; and 24 percent use vertical search engines.
With all this in mind, businesses need a strategic approach so they can be found online on different paths, including directories, niche blogs and social networking sites. A diverse online presence can make a big difference to your marketing strategies to be successful.
SEO for small businesses is a very powerful tool that will provide you with a better reputation as much as online as offline. People will be talking about you and your business and guess what, this can only be positive if you work it properly.
Pay-per-Click or PPC advertising, also known as paid search, helps you target your advertising messages to local audience as they search for products and services like yours. PPC can be very helpful if you are seeking to drive immediate and targeted traffic for your web as long as you’re willing to pay for each click.
SEO may take a little longer to get your site listed on page one of the Google results, but you will continue to get high rankings long after your SEO efforts are done. 
Here’s one of our client’s listings, as you can see No. 1 google page in 4th place !
And this is why we offer full packages for our costumers, making sure that all areas are covered. While dedicating time and money on your site is important, also is building your online reputation with a working team that understands your taylor-made needs.
So if you guys have any questions or are looking to get a quote, let us know!


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We as an SEO company have multiple new tasks and new learning to do, this happened to me when I was assigned to do Pawn Shop blogging… I was LOST!

I didn’t knew much, as the rest of the world, about pawn shop but what it is said and told to us since we are little, it is a place to sell things when you need fast cash, a place where people sell stolen stuff and so many other stories we could spend a few posts on it.
So how do we approach such a stigmatized niche? Simple answer is , investigating all there is to know about them, so first thing i went on and did was to try to use posts that would better the reputation of the industry, like educational posts regarding pawn shop procedures, requirementes, etc…
Here i leave you a few more ideas for those pawn shop bloggers out there whom may be just starting fresh:


Use the first thing you have in hand! Your products 🙂


Nice discounts will always drive new costumers to you.


 People don’t know much about their meaning, origin, etc… Illustrate your clients


Everyone loves antique items, at least one. They will always bring a memory or two back.


It is never too late to show people they’ve been here since forever and also are part of the economy of the nation.


A well educated client is a best consumer!


Your people want to know what’s new, you never know when you may get someone’s interest with something new.


Companies whom are open to questions and suggestions gets more clients and build better relationships


Keep your people informed on what’s new!


Talk about your employees, regular costumers, pictures of the inside and outside of the shop, etc…
Hope i have helpend once more with this post, since sometimes is hard to get inspired to write, even if you’re an awesome writer.
Keep you posted! Ask Questions! Post Comments! and don’t forget to quote with us!



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In 2011, Hertz’s mobile traffic accounted for 4% of its total traffic. In 2012, that number rose to 12% — and the company only expects it to rise in the coming years, says Joseph Eckroth, Hertz’s chief information officer.

As a response to the growing mobile traffic, which includes tablet use, and in anticipation of the growth in this segment, Hertz overhauled its website in order to offer responsive web design.
A responsive website changes its formatting depending on where it’s being viewed — on a desktop, tablet or smart phone. Triggers set into the HTML coding of the website dictate how the site re-formats for friendlier views. Allowing this flexibility between screen sizes means that no matter where a person sees the site, it’s in the most user-friendly format for the device. This flexibility is particularly important with the growing number of mobile users.
“We know that 24 months from now [mobile] is not going to be an interesting phenomena but a dominant channel,” Eckroth says, adding that Hertz’s move toward this design is focused on the customer experience.

“We want to have every advantage as mobile grows, and we want people to come to us first and never leave us,” he says. “The only way to do that is by making that experience extraordinarily user-friendly, fast and easy, and then you give them what they want on the device or the browser they want it on, and the HTML responds in the design.”

One of the purposes of responsive web design is to make the website the same across mobile devices, so each type of device had to be tested as well.  Also it is important having brand consistency, adding certain usability factors, such as the ability to tap links easily on a touchscreen.Getting real people to test the site on different devices played an important role in how these usability factors affected the layout of each screen.
Another important factor for Boost is that the company has at least some promotional material that is viewable no matter what device is being used.


Not to be confused with an app or a mobile website, a responsive website allows a company to use the same website coding for various platforms: a desktop, a tablet and a smart phone. For a responsive web design, the coding involves certain triggers that, as a screen gets smaller, make it easier to navigate.
Responsive web design allows a company to more easily manage how its website looks across these platforms. And more importantly, if a change is made to the website, a web developer only has to make that change once, instead of changing the coding for every platform. In essence, a responsive web design formats itself based on the size of the screen you’re viewing it on. As the screen gets smaller, the website is stripped down to what’s most important for the user.


While this type of web design has been picking up headlines recently, it has been around for several years.
Companies should be rolling this design out to their site since mobile web use is only going to increase. If your website is seeing mobile traffic — including from tablets — hitting anywhere near 20%, then responsive web design should be a priority.


As seen in the Boost website, there are multiple trigger points where the site reassembles as you change the size of the screen. This response to the screen width organizes the information so it’s easier to view at that screen size.
A website can be tested on a regular desktop for responsive web design by manually decreasing/increasing the window using the arrows that appear when you hover over the sides of a window. …. also the sizes of the different platform’s screen.


For Boost the most important part of the website that needs to remain regardless of screen size is the visualization in an organized and attractive way for the user to navigate.A responsive web design will see a return on investment on the long term since your web staff — or your third-party web management company — will need to spend less time working on the website every time there is a change.
As well, the usability just may encourage more people to go through your company’s website when they’re on the go.
So are you ready to be Mobile Ready?

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Our friendly bilingual staff offers support to both English and Spanish speakers.We understand the process it takes to help your website rank high in organic searches while creating fresh and clean web designs, we strive to do so by using best practices.After a thorough analysis of your website and/or business we then analyze your competition and use all data generated to your advantage. Along with best SEO practices, we also offer to optimize your current site to be search engine compliant.Boost Web & SEO doesn’t just focus on great websites; we personally serve every single customer we come in contact with. From branding to lead generation, large to small companies, personal attention to every customer is just good business.
Because of that we believe personal attention to every customer isn’t just good business it is a judgment of
Link Building, Content Marketing and Reputation Management.Our developers are the best in the industry and
are determined to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.Boost Web & Seo will efficiently and cost effectively help you reach your target audience, increase your sales, build your brand and promote your business.